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The Various walks we offer, Prices and booking on line

Photo opportunity

You meet and greet the ponies, we then have a wee stroll to our very famous old Bridge. Where we take lots of photos of you and the ponies,

We then have a wee meander along a lovely countryside track and then we head back home over the wee Bridge again.

The ponies are untacked and let back into there field

The walk and photo opportunity will take approx. 30mins

£20.00 for 2

A walk for the Lone traveller.

We offer an Historical Walk round our stunning Village, Strathdon is bursting with History, plenty to talk about and see.Or we can head up into the Forest for a stroll and see if we can see any wildlife.You meet and greet the ponies, you can help groom and tack them up, if you wish.Then we set off on our leisurely stroll, our destination being the Local Viewpoint where you can enjoy a picnic or refreshments.Then we head home. Your very welcome to lead a pony.

The walk takes about 2hrs


A Romantic Walk for Two

We can organise a romantic fizzy picnic or a scrumptious wholesome home made picnic.You will meet and greet the ponies and help me get them ready for the stroll, then we can set off on either a Historical walk or a forest, wildlife walk. And then stop at our lovely view point for a picnic,

Then we head home. There's plenty of opportunities for photos with the ponies. Especially on our 300yr old famous bridge that is in The recently released Mary Queen of Scots film.

The walk will take approx. 2hrs


A Family Pony Time and Walk

You will meet and greet the ponies, grooming and plaiting the ponies and getting them ready for there picnic, we will then have a stroll to the village green where you can relax and enjoy a picnic with the ponies, We can provide a colouring in pony picture for the kids to colour in. Lots of pony photo opportunities, And you can all have a lead of the ponies if you like. Only home you can help me untack and turn the ponies out in the paddock.


The walk will take approx. 2hrs 


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