Exciting Summer ahead

Launching our #newventure Pony strolls around The Scottish Highlands, hooves crossed for nice weather , and plenty of magical days out and about.

I will use this blog to let you know what Candy, Bugs and Bella are up too.

On the 12th May Candy and Bella are going to Brodie Castle #BHS ride/drive or walk round the grounds, We will be strolling 10km, and admiring the Castle Grounds, check out the link below.


And on the 27th May, Candy and Bella are going to Balmoral and taking part in a sponsored ride/drive (except were walking) around the grounds and gardens of Balmoral . It is open to the public , check out the link below.


#Balmoral #BHS #sunshine #ponies #fun #scotlandscenery #highlands #cairngorms


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