My love for exploring the countryside with my ponies started many years ago , I spent all my summer holidays going off for the day with my pony and a picnic.  Then 3yrs ago Candy, Tinkerbelle and Foxy dog took me on a long distance walk for charity and the passion began,  There is something very special about the open air, countryside, and walking with ponies, you have to slow down to there pace and you hear and see things you wouldn't normally do.

I'm very lucky to be owned by 4 beautiful ponies and we live in a stunning area, The Cairngorms. And we would love to share with you the very special experience of  going for a stroll with some pack ponies carrying refreshments and clothes ect.

We can arrange Birthday Party appearances. Princess Tinkerbelle can do wee cart rides, grooming sessions. A truly bespoke birthday experience.



Candyfloss (Candy)
Bugalugs (Bugs)
Tinkerbelle (Bella)

Romeo is 8 years old. He is a Fell Pony, 12.3hh. He joined us March 2019.

He loves cuddles, scratches, and going for wanders.

He is a true gentleman.

Very laid back, he has fitted into the herd very well, him and Bugs love playing together, playful boys.

Candy is 10 years old this year, she is a Dales cross cob and she is 13.2hh. She is my right hand girl, or some would say "The Boss" She is beautiful inside and out, and she loves exploring and admiring fantastic views

Bugalugs is 4yrs old this year and he is a Welsh cross cob, and  he is about 12.2hh. He loves nothing better than being stroked and being the centre of attention. He is very laid back and so handsome inside and out.

Tinkerbelle is 8yrs old and she is 31" Tall, a Miniature Shetland, she takes everything in her stride, and if the mood takes her she will just lie down where ever she is and have 40 winks. She loves going exploring and rolling in heather if she gets the opportunity

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